Weathered Statues

This rock and tree were very near our camp site in Jumbo Rocks campground at Joshua Tree National Park. Just above site #18

The Wellspring

A blowhole near Kailua, Hawaii reflects the light of the setting sun. (This version has no watermark and is available for purchase here on 500px)

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park with the Milky Way

San Francisco Sunrise

An oncoming storm moves into the San Francisco Bay at dawn as seen from the boardwalk in Sausalito. (No watermark and now available in Marketplace) - This photo was featured as "Photo of the Day" on on Feb 3 2016.

Leaving Planet Dusk

La Jolla Sunset with Chemtrails This photo won the Grand Prize in the 2014 Canon in Action Photo Contest.

The Crack

The Crack in Davenport, California. Thank you for making this my post popular photo to date. Just passed 30,000 views. Best reaction yet! Here's a story about our trip to "The Crack". When we arrived in Davenport, Ca. I wasn't quite sure where exactly The Crack was located. As we headed down the path to the beach, I saw a girl coming up and asked, "Are you a local?" She answered, "Yes". I asked, "Where's the Crack?" She looked me as if I was asking to buy drugs or something. Only later did I realize what had happened and had a good laugh.

Huntington Pier Sunset

Huntington Beach pier at dusk

Golden Gate Bridge

Dawn at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Belmont Memorial Pier, Long Beach


Docks in Long Beach California this morning at dawn

Golden Dawn

Pre-dawn light in San Francisco, Calif. as seen from Sausalito, Calif


This female is a furious fighter in the backyard hummingbird nectar wars.

Davenport Dreaming

The sunsets from the cliffs in Davenport, California are perfect for introspection and meditation.

Pre-dawn San Francisco

The stars move and the planes land during a long exposure before sunrise on Jan 30, 2015

Big Sky Drive In

The Milky Way shines bright above our cars that are parked in the campsite at Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park. I used the red light on my led headband to paint the foreground.

Footprints Under the Pier

Pilings create bold lines in this pic from Long Beach, California this evening. When the sunset isn't too fantastic it's time to improvise!

Corona Dusk

The sun sets on Little Corona beach tide pools near Newport Beach deep in the heart of Orange County, California

New Years Eve Sunrise

When you are in San Francisco you have to visit the GG Bridge, and here we are on Hawk Hill at 6 am and there is a stiff breeze and it;s sub-freezing. Suddenly I forget the cold when I see the view.

Long Beach Skyline

Long Beach, California as seen from a spot near the Queen Mary

Davenport Pier

Old Davenport Pier at sunset.

Stairway to Nowhere

This is a stairway that is no londer attached to the cliff in Pismo Beach, California

The Golden Staircase

Stairway to Nowhere in Pismo Beach, California.

Bridge of Size

Vincent Thomas Bridge in Long Beach against the backdrop of the rising sun

Timing and Luck

Photography is a lot of timing and planning, but also luck. When you visit a spot one time, you can only prepare so much and the rest is a crapshoot. Sometimes you get it right without even planning. That's what happened when I showed up at this spot the only time I was ever there. I knew it was sunset but the rest was luck and it all fell into place.

The Lone Sailor

Just after a storm, the Lone Sailor keeps watch over Long Beach, California

Joshua Tree and Rock (Dark)

Joshua Tree and rock at Joshua Tree National Park, Jumbo Rocks

McWay Falls, Big Sur

Rainbow Bridge

Queensway Bridge near Long Beach California's Shoreline Village

Long Beach Skyline

Long Beach, California as seen from a spot near the Queen Mary

Queen Mary sunrise

The morning sun breaks through the clouds of an oncoming storm this morning at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

Golden Gate Bridge sunrise


This was one of those mornings where I woke up and looked at the sky and said, "Load up the car, Sugar Dumplin', cause it's pitcher takin' time!"

Smoky Sea

Dusk descends on Corona Del Mar tide pools

Joshua Tree and Rock

Joshua Tree and Rock near Jumbo Rock campsite in the National Park

Gram Parsons Tribute

Part of the tributes near Gram Parsons funeral pyre at Joshua Tree National Park's, Cap Rock.

Top of the World

Friends enjoy the view from above Joshua Tree National Park after a long climb up the rock face.

Joshua Panorama

Key's View in Joshua Tree National Park in a panorama consisting of 4 merged pics

Red Joshua Tree

This Joshua Tree is light painted with my led headband.


The California Desert is not so desolate when you get out of the car and look around more closely.

Joshua Tree and Milky Way

Just outside our campsite at Jumbo Rocks campground. This Joshua tree was closest so I set up the tripos and shot for 30 sec while painting the tree with the light from my iPhone.


Rock Climbers celebrate the conquest of huge rock wall near Jumbo Rocks Campground in Joshua Tree National Park, California


Blowhole near Kona Airport in Hawaii. I used a second or two exposure to show the water rushing back into the hole after a big eruption.

Hanalei Sunset

Sunset from Hideaways beach in Princeville, Hawaii. This HDR is made from 5 time exposures, combined into one to enhance the dynamic range.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles from 6th St. bridge. First time shootinf here so I found a place where I could see the traffic lights moving along with some city lights.

Colors of the Night

Trying some street photography to break up the landscapes. Found this interesting angle from the 6th st bridge which is very different from the standard 4th st. bridge shots that are everywhere.

Into the City

Highways and byways of Los Angeles, California. This is a time exposure of the 110 Freeway at the 6th Street Bridge.


Downtown Los Angeles from 4th st. bridge with 10 stop ND filter


The streets of Downtown Los Angeles are like veins that feed the heart with red and white corpuscles.